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Years ago, a sales manager told me, “you can’t sell behind a desk.” At the time, I was a new home agent, and boy did that ring true. The need for me to be in the field showing the new home community drove sales in the neighborhood. This philosophy still holds true to the ever-changing real estate landscape. Living Down South Realty

Living Down South Realty prides itself on being a virtual company with professional salespeople working out of their mobile and home offices. The National Association of Realtors® in 2019 reported 98% of all sellers used a professional real estate professional and placed their listing in a local MLS. NAR also said that 44% of all buyers turned online first prior to contacting a REALTOR® or starting their home buying process. These statistics are what drove LSDR to focus on online visibility. With the advancement of technologies, the need for a brick and mortar storefront is an outdated expense LDSR does not need. LDSR uses the funds saved on building costs and invests into online and digital marketing efforts. These include web presence, seven MLS service memberships, partnership with a PR firm, radio and streaming services advertising, and multiple social media platforms.

Professional salespeople build relationships with their clients, asking questions to evoke emotions and feeling which drive decision making. To truly invoke the feeling of home for a buyer, being in the home is a must. Though technological advances are driving more at-home activities such as internet searching, relationship building occurs “in the field” for most salespeople. On average, our professional REALTORS® show 9 to 10 homes to buyers before making an offer on the perfect home. During this “looking” period, our job is to show homes to buyers, show our listings, investigate sales and neighborhood trends with previewing and showing homes. Even with technological advancements in virtual staging, 3D tours, buyers still want to see homes in person where they can see if the home fits their lifestyle.

Yes, you will find us working at a desk in our home office, but we are there, on average, 30% during our workday. LDSR desk work includes searching properties, listing maintenance, scribing contracts and amendments, lead generating, and listing maintenance. These are ALL critical tasks to a successful real estate business, BUT sales happen in the field. REALTORS® build relationships with clients, customers, and other agents in the area. So, if you are ready to begin your home search, consider a Living Down South REALTOR®. We would love to show you around our mobile office.

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