Real Estate for Every Southern Lifestyle.
Lasting impressions begin with first best impressions.


Why partner with Living Down South to market your home?

Living Down South believes in first best impressions, so we introduce lifestyle elements to conventional listing elements such as home-location features, price & community offerings.

Our process intentionally elevates the quality and dimension of information for today’s buyer so we can elevate the activity and quality of buyers who are interested in the homes we market. This fresh and new approach to real estate marketing purposely adds this third element in order stimulate and support hidden buyer emotion and requirements, and when stimulated, generates interest and activity in the homes we list.

Living Down South recognizes everyone who seeks to purchase real estate has their own internal buying “process” for making purchase decisions. We also recognize that traditional real estate marketing has focused solely on the decision, overlooking the psychology of the buyer process. The Living Down South approach closes this gap and introduces marketing support to serve individual buying “process” in addition to marketing the decision and offers.

We believe in pairing lifestyle branding with the very best features of your home in all marketing including print material, yard signage, and digital & social media. Rather than using boilerplate advertising graphics focused exclusively on the selling agent and brokers firm, Living Down South chooses to deliver an inspirational marketing style to achieve one important goal for our clients.   Make it all about the home to make the home inviting, because inviting is one step closer to an offer.

Although there is no express elevator to deliver success… Success doesn’t mind taking the stairs.

Some Tools of Living Down South Trade:

  • Membership into eight (8) different Multiple Listing Services
  • 30 Team Members all with vested interests in all clients
  • Transcending Website with the latest search engine optimization tools (SEO)
  • Brand Association
  • Best Practices to optimize processes and performance
  • Professional Photography and Staging
  • Push Technology to reach over 300 real estate market websites
  • Strategic Pricing & Valuation Programs
  • Professional Media and Print

For more information on selling your home or to schedule a consultation, please do not hesitate to call us at either number above or click on the quick contact pull out tab to the left.   We look forward to planning first best impressions with you very soon.


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