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Holiday Hosting Tips

The holidays are here! Whether you love them or hate them, they can always be counted on to include several things: parties, gift giving, eating way too many sweets and, of course, houseguests. Getting together with family and loved ones is one of the many joys (and stresses) of the season. Here at Living Down South, we’d like to provide a few tips to make hosting your out-of-town guests a little less stressful:

  1. Have a “breakfast station” set up in your kitchen with an assortment of cereals, breakfast foods and coffee/tea available for your guests to graze on in the morning. Make sure you check beforehand and are aware of any allergies/food restrictions that your guests or their children might have.
  2. Make the guest room and guest bathroom cozy and inviting by including the following: WiFi password, water bottles, extra sheets/towels/blankets, travel size toiletries, small snacks like crackers or Goldfish, an alarm clock, ibuprofen, pen and paper and reading materials.
  3. If your guests have young children, take into consideration where their kids will sleep. If the guest room isn’t big enough, make sure they are comfortable in a location close to mom and dad.
  4. Are there areas that you would prefer small children don’t go in your house? Plan on preemptively locking those doors or gating off those areas.
  5. Exchange expectations and routines between your family and your guests prior to their arrival. Make sure everyone knows when certain children need to take a nap, if someone gets up early to read the news or if someone works from home and will need to work on a certain day. Establishing these routines will ensure that everyone is on the same page and can make for a smoother stay for your company.
  6. Be prepared to give your guests some space upon their arrival to settle in, shower, etc. People are often tired after a long journey and they will appreciate the opportunity for some downtime to recharge before joining in on the holiday fun.

We hope this helps you prepare for a wonderful time spend with friends and family! Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays from Living Down South!

-Ali Hatley is a Principal and REALTOR® with the Living Down South Group







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