Real Estate for Every Southern Lifestyle.

The Spirit of Living Down South

At Living Down South, we’re a brand that’s proud of our Southern heritage. We believe in good manners, sweet tea, college football, and loving your neighbor. Even more than that, we believe in taking care of our clients and customers and being good stewards of both their time and their real estate investment. When our clients choose to work with Living Down South Group, they receive the care and attention of eight real estate professionals who will be with them every step of the way.

The idea for Living Down South came from one simple observation. “There’s a FOR SALE sign in that yard. Looks like the homeowner has a real estate business for sale.” – Think about that for a minute.

Thus, as our mission states, Living Down South as a brand and a group was created out of the desire to introduce the elements of lifestyle and attractive branding to the traditional approach of buying and selling real estate. By aligning lifestyle essentials with home features, price, location, and community offering, we will elevate the quality of real estate options being presented to our clients and customers.

Our group members are not only licensed real estate agents with over 60 years combined experience, but we share the same passion for looking at real estate through the life lenses we wear. We work to understand you and present new homes which complement your lifestyle rather than sacrificing your lifestyle to fit a home. Whether you desire a residential setting or you dream of a cabin in the mountains, Living Down South is your trusted destination for exploring real estate in the great states of Georgia and South Carolina. So welcome to our new website and have a look around. Each and every group member here lives their own chosen and unique lifestyle, but one thing is for certain, we all love living down south.

-Ali Hatley, Principal & REALTOR



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